Keep your screen free & clean, because the Nano layer you can not see or feel – it remains absolutely invisible and free of ugly bubbles and draw pages such as with films.


SP TITANIUM protects against minimal spilled liquids on the surface as water drops bead up immediately from the display.

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The protective layer of SP TITANIUM consists of titanium dioxide nano particles, which smooth the surface of the screen, giving you the hardness of 9 H (such as Sapphire or Ruby). The Nanopartikelchen also join in a lattice-like structure. This structure also spans to the surface of the screen and connects the molecules of the display material. This display can hold up to 5 Newton shocks and effectively reduces the likelihood that a breach of the display.

Your search has an end to matching slides. SP TITANIUM adapts to your device and provides ongoing, individual and effective protection.


Innovative display protection

Smartwatches, tablets, smartphones, camera screen

Defy fractures and scratches

SP TITANIUM hardens your display, which makes it hard like a Sapphire. Prevent scratches and the display is better protected against falls.

The display surface is so hard, was preventing impacts that go beyond normal use.

Improves the sensitivity of the touch screen

Your display is not affected in contrast to conventional films, but improves the feel and your operation.

SP TITANIUM does not interrupt the flow of electricity between finger and touch screen so that your order without detours and break on the touch screen comes.

All touch screen functions including 3D-Touch, and the Fingerabdrucksensorik remain unchanged.

Self-cleaning, repels water, breaks down fat, kills bacteria

The SP TITANIUM Protective coating is dual active and combined two properties which allow the self cleaning of the display and the antibacterial effect:

For one, the protective layer causes SP TITANIUM a reduction of the surface tension and thus preventing the droplets formation. This bounce off water droplets from the surface of the screen. This is referred to often as the hydrophobic effect or as the Lotus effect.

On the other hand, the nano particles which ionize SP titaniumProtective layer under the influence of sunlight. While they produce active oxygen, which in turn splits most fats and kills bacteria. This is also known as the Honda-Fujishima effect.

Intensified photo – and video quality on Smartphones, improved colors

The protective layer SP TITANIUM in a certain sense, resembles an optical filter. He breaks the light so that the colors are intense and rich, making the image appear sharper. This is true both for the display and the camera section.

After treatment of the camera lens with SP TITANIUM improves the quality of your photo and video shots.

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SP TITANIUM Application

1. display and camera with the cleaning cloth * clean thoroughly and wipe dry.

2. display and camera with the SP TITANIUM cloth * rub and 3-4 minutes to soak.

3. with the enclosed microfibre cloth an Polish by circular movements.

4. with the Mikrofaster clean the display. The device is now ready for use with crystal clear, ultra scratch-resistant display.